Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Daily - Day 5, 6, & 7

This year I am doing my December Daily project as a 7x7 Blurb book. I'm designing 7x7 images in photoshop and then I'll just use each 7x7 image as a page in the book. I'll design the pages with a slight border around the images (probably in white) that way I don't lose part of my text when the book is printed.

Day 5 | Jolly Design

I was planning to do Christmas Movies for Day 5, but I didn't really like the pictures that I took. I still have my journaling ready for when I do a page about watching our Christmas Movies - probably sometime next week. Instead I designed this fun image. Once I get the book, I will probably use a pen that will write on the pages and circle the number 5...or not.


Day 6 | Dear Santa

Tonight, Claire & I wrote her Santa letter. We flipped through the latest catalog from Toys R Us and picked out some toys that she wanted. Then I cut the pictures out and we taped them to her big piece of paper. I did the writing (obviously) but we wrote her name together.

She wants: A Pink Bike w/ Training Wheels, LaLaLoopsy dolls & movie & video game (although I only see a DS game and she doesn't have a DS), a Train Set and Care Bears.

Day 7 | Decorating the Tree


We wanted to wait for Anaya to be here to decorate the tree. Tonight after dinner, I turned on some Christmas music, pulled out the box of Christmas ornaments (including our new ones for this year) and we started decorating! Anaya could remember which ornaments were hers and which were Claire's. I didn't pull out my box of childhood ornaments as we have accumulated quite a few for our family. I surprised Anaya with a Justin Bieber ornament, I just handed it to her as the next one to hang up.

And I admit it, I made the girls change clothes before we started decorating. Claire's shirt had paint on it and Anaya was running around in a BRIGHT green tank top.

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