Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily - Day 4

Day 4 | Around the House

This year I am doing my December Daily project as a 7x7 Blurb book. I'm designing 7x7 images in photoshop and then I'll just use each 7x7 image as a page in the book. I'll design the pages with a slight border around the images (probably in black or "kraft") that way I don't lose part of my text when the book is printed.


Since Day 3 was a single page layout and I really didn't have any pictures for today (I was at work all day and then had happy hour with some co-workers so I wasn't even home until almost 7pm), I ended up just doing a single page with some pictures that I took of our decorations over the weekend. I like having this as the facing page for the Christmas tree, seems kind of fitting.

This is the first year that I've really done much mantel decorating and I really like what I did. The wreath, trees & "ornaments" on pedestals are all made out of the pages of a couple of books. The wreath was originally going to be for Halloween, but I never really finished it with bats & such. So I put it on the mantel. The trees were next. Then I wanted some red so I made the ornaments and bought three black candle stick holders to set them on. I was digging through my Christmas closet and found the blocks that my sister-in-law made for me last year and figured they looked good with everything else. I knew I wanted to do the JOY frame, but it still needed a little something on the right, so the nutcracker & the vase with stems stuck it in are from Hobby Lobby.

Some Links:
Paperback Book Christmas Trees - I mostly followed these directions for the first one, then I got tired of folding the pointy part up into the book & Justin said that leaving it hanging down made them look more like Christmas trees.

Book Page Ornaments - I didn't run the cord through it to create a hook & I painted the edges of mine and rolled them around in glitter.

Subway Art + Holiday To-Do List - I changed the To-Do list a little bit because I didn't want the designs they had for the list part.

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