Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily - Day 3

Day 3 | Oh Christmas Tree

This year I am doing my December Daily project as a 7x7 Blurb book. I'm designing 7x7 images in photoshop and then I'll just use each 7x7 image as a page in the book. I'll design the pages with a slight border around the images (probably in black or "kraft") that way I don't lose part of my text when the book is printed.


Normally I do a two-page spread, but all we did tonight was set up the Christmas tree. We didn't decorate it since we're waiting until Anaya is here. And I didn't get any picture of Claire looking at the lights happily because she CRIED whenever I turned it on. Which is so weird because she loved it last year. And she's seen lit Christmas trees at my mom's house and at church already this year without a problem. Anyways, that means I took a picture of our tree and that's it. If I don't have enough for a two-page spread tomorrow, I'll just have the 3rd & the 4th as single facing pages.

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  1. This page is gorgeous, I love the simplicity of it! I hope that your little one gets over her fear of the lights, I'm sure she will when she sees the presents under the tree!!

  2. I seriously love this page and the story about the hissy fit!