Friday, January 11, 2013

Project Life 2012 - DONE!

I ended up using two albums to hold all of my project life pages for this year. After finishing up the pages for week 52, I went back and worked on my first & last page for each album. I used some of my 12x12 Cobalt paper, a few of the 3x4 inserts that I hadn't used and I ended up with one 6x4 picture on each layout.


I also really like the 6x4 calendar that I printed to include on the intro page of the first album. I have one printed for 2013 already so that I can include it as soon as I get my supplies from Amazon.

I ended up doing week 52 a little different. Since we had so many pictures from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, I made those two days a layout with an insert. The first page and the front of the insert are all from Christmas Eve. The back of the insert and the second page are all from Christmas Day. Then my final "week" is December 26 - December 31 even though the messes up my start/end dates for the week AND it's not a fully week it's ok. Doing it this way handles the insane number of pictures I took those two days AND it deals with the fact that the 31st should actually be it's own week or included in the 2013 album. In these pictures, the journaling wasn't done. It is done now, but it's dark and crappy picture taking light.

Christmas Eve

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

December 25 - Christmas Day

Week 52 (December 26-31)

Week 52, Dec 26-31 (1)

Week 52 (December 26-31)

Week 52, Dec 26-31 (2)

So excited to continue this project in to 2013!

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