Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Claire Bear


In 2009, you were born. 7 lbs, 0.2 oz. We had some crazy days & nights getting used to each other. You had the dairy allergy that we didn't know about until you were a month old. But we survived.


In 2010, you were a year old. I don't remember how much you weighed exactly, but I know it was in the 90th percentile. You weren't quite walking yet, you were cruising, but not letting go of furniture. You didn't start talking when you should and we started getting speech therapy from Infants & Toddler Services this year.


In 2011, you turned two! You weren't just walking everywhere, you were running. Still not talking, but getting better.


In 2012, you turned three! A few weeks before your third birthday you had tubes put in your ears. You also started preschool!

And're FOUR! You've had your ear tubes for over a year (in fact at this point they have fallen out). You're speech is SOOOO much better. We can carry on conversations and you can tell me about things that you did at school. It is still helpful to have a little bit of context to help decipher your speech, but oh so much improvement. You still want to run everywhere and even though it usually seems like nothing scares you, you will sometimes hide behind my leg when we meet new people. You loved the snow, until you got cold. You love LaLaLoopsy's, so at least the next few weeks (hopefully). When I tuck you in at night, you ask for a hug and two kisses (or three or ten), and then tell me to lay down with you. You want someone to sit with you while you eat breakfast, even claiming that the spoon is "too heavy" to feed yourself, although no one is fooled by your antics, they are quite cute. You love your big sister and always want to be right in the middle of whatever she is doing. You don't like it when I tell you that it is bath time, but then once you are in the bath you don't want to get out.


Love this little girl, more and more ever day.

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