Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Motto 1: Git 'er Done

I actually went back and forth between Git 'er Done and Just Do It. Yes these are both other's catch phrases, but they both express my goal for this year. To just GET THINGS DONE without excuses (at least not many).

At lot of the things that I want to get done are the things that I pretty much pushed away and didn't deal with at all least year. For example: the horrendous room in our basement that was a second family room, then became a full of crap room, then when I was pregnant and had to turn my scrapbooking room into Claire's room we turned the basement room into a craft room, then I realized it was cold and stinky (cat boxes) and I didn't like it so I didn't go there as much as I should have (which is why I have little scrapping for 2009 outside of Claire's baby book) and eventually moved half my stuff up to the bedroom and that room once again became a full of unorganized crap room. Now the plan is to turn it into a play room (like a family room again!) and putting some of Claire's toys down there. Big things that would be played with down there (train table, play kitchen) as well as a place to put things that we are cycling out of the livingroom. Hopefully, since Claire & Justin are home a lot together and he has his own space in the basement as well, this will lead to her actually getting to play down there since I'm still not sure if I will be going down there (because I still don't like it).

This will mostly be a lot of organizing and de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff we will never EVER use. And cleaning...lots and lots of cleaning. And the basement won't be the only focus, just a big one.

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  1. Impressive plan. Let me know if you need assistance. Maybe the litter box odors can be kept down, too.