Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Project Life 2013 + Week 1

As soon as they made the new editions announcements back in the fall, I knew that I was going to get Seafoam. It fits in with my blue/green project life theme (and it's close to my favorite color, teal). The first day it showed up on Amazon, I ordered the core kit and a big set of Design A inserts. Less than a week later, it was in my hands - of course that was about a week ago because I was also waiting for the album to get here. I already had a plan of how I would do my title page before the kit even arrived. I'm waiting to even look at the end page until the end of 2013 because who knows how many album I'll end up using!

Title Page


This is possibly one of my favorite title pages for Project Life. I love the calendar (although I ended up doing that in 2012 also). I love the zig-zag card with our H on it. I don't love my homemade "Hello 2013" card. I'll probably pull it out and re-do it. Either by hand or on my computer. I really like Ali's "Hello Life 2013" box, but I haven't managed to convince myself to spend almost $5 on it.

Week 1: January 1-6


What happened this week? This was the first week of January & of 2013 (obviously). I had Tuesday off work and it snowed the day before so I took the girls sledding - it only took 2 or 3 years of Anaya asking for me to finally do it! The girls were still out of school, but I went back to work on Wednesday after having almost 2 weeks off. We also took some 2 month pictures of my adorable nephew.

I'm not a huge fan of cell phone pictures - maybe if I had an iPhone it would be better but my fancy-schmancy android phone pictures suck if the lighting is anything but wonderful. The sledding pictures are from my cell phone because I didn't think I could manage my big camera + sledding without getting snow in my camera.


  1. Hi Jenni. Where did you get the 2013 calendar insert for your PL? I like that for the front page.


    1. I printed that at home from: