Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right now....

Following Ali Edwards' Around Here prompt


Looking forward some fall activities I have planned for next month. I see lots of pumpkins in our future.

Getting "caught up" on my Project Life album - expect two Project Life posts per week for a while. This is week 39 and the last week that I worked on was week 35!

Enjoying our backyard in the cooler evenings. Claire & I have been racing from the back patio to different places around the yard. I ask her where we are racing to and she'll usually tell me, then she counts to 3 and says GO. And we run. Sometimes I have to watch wear she's running to figure out our goal. Usually it is the slide, fence, tree or trampoline.

Listening to Claire sing songs she learns in Preschool and being able to figure out some of the words!

Planning out the rest of the year - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Drinking lots of coffee and water and diet coke.

Wishing for a new car, not because I need one, just want something else, something bigger.

Amazed at how much Claire has changed in the past year.

Listening/Watching Doc McStuffins since it is Claire's favorite show.

Thinking about meal planning and the new recipes that I have been wanting to try.

Reading LOTS of books from the library. Currently working through Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series (romance) and trying to read the Steve Jobs biography.

Deciding which shows to invest time in this fall. Elementary looks interesting. I would like to continue watching Once Upon a Time, but I need to watch the last few episodes from last season still.

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