Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Life: Week 34

I have been working on Project Life, I just haven't been posting...or taking pictures of the layouts...which is why I haven't posted them. This whole having the sun go down earlier thing is messing with my schedule.

Week 34: August 20 - 26

I skipped Week 33. Week 33 was great, but busy. So many pictures and I just can't figure out how to make them all fit. So I decided to step back (or forward as the case may be) and do something else and then finish it up later.

Week 34 (3)

Week 34 was much calmer. No inserts. No crazy picture sizes to make things work. Just a straight forward layout. Only one journaling card talking about Claire's recent obsession with the Disney show Doc McStuffins & her new doctor's kit that she uses to give 'check-ups' for her animals.

Week 34 (4)

Also, I love this picture of Claire & my pregnant sister-in-law. My mom watches Claire a couple of times a week and will also be watching their baby so she has been talking to Claire about the new baby. And we talk about the baby being in my sister-in-law's belly, so when she was playing with her stethoscope on Sunday we asked her if she wanted to listen to the baby - she couldn't actually HEAR anything because it's just a kid's toy, but she thought that was great fun to listen to the baby.

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  1. very cute your PL! simple and clear. you use cobalt edition, isn't? I use clementine ed. and various elements.
    bye from Rossana, Italy