Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Softball

We have spent 3 of the 5 Saturdays in September at Anaya's softball games. This is her first time playing softball, or any sport for that matter. She has really enjoyed it and wants to play again in the Spring when they have their full season. This was just a short 4-week league with two games every Saturday.

During her first game, she hit the ball and got to second base. Well, her second game but during her first weekend of playing. Which was funny because she was actually playing against her step-sister from her mom's house.

softball_1 softball_3

This also gave me an excuse to borrow my dad's telephoto lens. I wanted one earlier this year and then convinced myself that I didn't need one since I'm not usually more than 4 feet from my subject. However, if the kids are going to play sports then I'm going to need to either get my own lens or commandeer his lens for every game.

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