Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Project Life: Week 33

Week 33: August 13 - 19

We had a lot going on this week. Claire had her first day of PreSchool, I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Anaya got her hair cut, one of our friends brought their 3 yr old over to play with Claire, we went to see Justin's parents and we celebrated Anaya's birthday...again, even though her actual birthday isn't until next Friday.

Week 33 (5)

Week 33 (7)

Week 33 (10)

Week 33 (11)

I almost didn't include the picture of Anaya by her school sign. I ended up getting better pictures that I've already included in Week 34, but I decided to throw it in there anyways. Obviously you can't read the sign, but it does actually say something about starting school.

Week 33 (1)

This is the most inserts I have ever had in a week. I usually attempt to squish everything down on to one or two at the most inserts. But I decided to just embrace all of my pictures and go for THREE inserts. The only thing that I don't really love about inserts is that my week ends up being out of order since the inserts are usually from the weekend and the last page sometimes includes mid-week things. This time the last page is from Sunday (the end of my week) but since I was grouping pictures I just ended up having to put things out of order to make it all work.

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