Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day in the Life - March 20th

Day in the Life for March happened to be a Thursday. It was also Spring Break which means we ended up having Anaya for part of the week which means she was here for Day in the Life.

Right now I get up twice most nights to nurse Ryder & put him back to bed. Usually around 1-2 and 5-6, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later, it just depends on how he feels. I do not pump at home, but I do pump three times a day while I'm at work.

Justin went to get Anaya today, so I took a few of pictures of her & Justin playing with Ryder. Then they handed him off to me and he promptly pooped and it went all up his back which resulted in me giving him a bath.

After I got him dressed again we sat on the bench at the diningroom table and swayed while he slept and I looked at Target on my phone. Justin & Anaya messed around with the computers in the basement.

I told Claire that I would help her count her money. She wanted to buy a Rainbow Dash "People Pony" (Equestria Girl), so we were figuring out if she had enough money to buy one (she did), but we weren't going to get one that night. Then she played the iPad some more.

Ryder played on his play mat for a little while - he LOVES the mirror. Justin made us the rare evening pot of coffee.

Claire likes to sit in the rocking chair in Ryder's room. Then she brought me the iPad because she needed up with her My Little Pony game. And Ryder laid on the floor and wiggled around.

I played with Ryder and made him have some tummy time. He usually LOVES tummy time but today he just wasn't in the mood and screamed as soon as I got him rolled over.

Anaya had a friend over to spend the night - but I didn't take any pictures of them. Claire wanted to go outside with them, but I wasn't letting her since Justin & I weren't out there. So she stood at the window, eating an Oreo, hollering at Anaya to come inside. Then it was time to put Ryder to bed. I like how my pictures start & end with my holding Ryder after getting him to sleep, because that is truly so much of what my time at home consists of having.

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