Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 9

Week 9: Feb 27 - March 4

I had to go back and count the number of weeks to figure out which week this was. I have done all the weeks leading up to this week, I just haven't posted anything about them. Maybe eventually, but probably not.

I have a couple of things I have noticed as I have worked on Project Life this year. Almost my entire layout every week is of my daughter, well every other week is also about my step-daughter since she's only here every other weekend. I feel like I ought to make at least one of two of the pictures be not kiddo focused. I'm not sure what I want to do instead though because let's face it, I LOVE the pictures of my kiddo. Last night I took a picture of our dinner, so maybe that will make it into the week 10 layout as my non-kid picture. I just feel like since this is our only scrapbook right now, that maybe it shouldn't entirely revolve around a 3 yr old - although that is pretty accurate as to what my life is like right now.

Normally I leave my date cards alone. This is my third year of Project Life and I think this is only the second time that I have EVER put anything on "date" card. And the first time was last week when I put a picture on it. This week I used some number stickers from the Cobalt core kit and wrote a couple lines about the corresponding pictures which are marked with white number stickers. The corresponding pictures are all in the insert.

I still want to put something on the picture of Claire & I playing with the iPad. We had just gotten a new app, an amazing app that we both LOVE, Draw & Tell by Duck Duck Moose. It is awesome. Anyways, I'll probably add a label of some sort.

Close up of the journaling on the "date" card.

The paper for my insert is some cardstock from the Turquoise kit. I'm not a huge fan of pattern paper these days so I didn't buy the Cobalt paper pack. This is actually the first sheet out of the Turquoise kit that I have used.

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