Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Simplify: Pantry & Fridge

This week, Simple Mom, has challenged us to clean & declutter our pantry & fridge. The organization of my pantry & fridge comes and goes based on how much my husband or one of the kids decides to "fix" it. My husband pretty much thinks that means pushing everything to the back of the pantry. My step-daughter moves things to where she thinks they go - although I have mostly broken her of this habit because then I can't find anything. And the three yr-old puts EVERYTHING on the canned goods shelf, because that is where she can reach.

A before picture of each place...

I actually do have quite a few plastic containers meant for holding some of this stuff, I've just gotten lazy recently and haven't been using them.

The leftovers need to go and it's probably time to check through the condiments for expiration dates.

Plan of attack:
Throw away any food that is expired.
Pull everything out of pantry & clean the shelves
Return items to pantry - put things in the plastic tubs instead of being lazy
Pull everything out of fridge and quickly clean the shelves (maybe just move things around so as to not worry about spoilage).
Return items to fridge in orderly fashion.

We'll see how it goes...

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