Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Simplify - Kitchen

This week, Simple Mom, has challenged us to clean & declutter our pantry & fridge. I shared a little bit about the current state of each and my plan of attach on this post.

First...the Pantry!

Here's what is looked like at the beginning of the week - not horrible, but not great either. When I was cleaning it out, I found 3 half used boxes of lasagna noodles. My lasagna recipe only uses half a box and instead of ever checking, I just bought a new box each time I made lasagna...whoops!

And after some cleaning. I really only did a lot on the top three shelves. The bottom shelves got a little more organized, but nothing major. The basket on the top shelf has some snacks for my toddler in it so that I can easily pull it down and let her pick what she wants.

Next...the Fridge!

Here's the before - I needed the clean out some leftovers and the shelves were way overdue for being taken out and washed.

And the after. I ended up throwing away about half of the condiments because they had expired. We mostly use ketchup or mayo, so the mustard that I get when we're having people over ends up hanging out in the fridge forever. Also, why did we have four jars of salsa?!?!

Week 2 is DONE and my fridge hasn't looked that good since we got it!

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