Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 3

Week 3: January 16 - 22, 2012

I ended up using a couple of different methods for journaling this week.

Last week as I was doing some other computer work, I went ahead and added my journaling to the picture of my daughter & I making a cookie cake for her birthday. I took the picture using the self-timer on my camera & setting it on the counter on the other side of the kitchen. The framing isn't what I would've done if I had been able to see what I was actually aiming at, but it worked out well to have so much of the pantry in the view so that I could put my journaling over it. I also used a SMASH sticky for a note about sitting on the floor in the hallway using the iPad during bathtime (directly outside the bathroom door, but it keeps the iPad out of the splash-zone).

I had some journaling already typed up for the pictures of Claire painting, so I just used a journaling printing template that I made in photoshop and then held the journaling card up to my screen to fit the text around the decorations on the card. I ran out of places to put journaling again this week (in fact the journaling on the other 3x4 card is about how many pictures I took in one day) so I ended up cutting down a grid card to add some journaling about taking "semi-professional-but-mostly-amateur" pictures of Claire using a sheet and lots of natural light in our diningroom. And I used one of the cobalt pennants that I made to add a note on the trampoline picture.

I also have an insert this week. It is an 8x8 page protector. The front will have a collage of pictures from some shopping my mom, sister-in-law and I did on Saturday - I decided to order it from Persnickety because I was ordering other pictures and it was cheaper to just add the 8x8 on to that order instead of ordering from Target. The back side is Claire's painting with one of her hand-prints on top of it.

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