Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2

Week 2: January 9 - 15

It definitely feels like I am spending more time on Project Life this year than I did in previous years.  I don't necessarily feel like that is a bad thing - I am putting more effort into my journaling.  In previous years it has been more of a let's just get it all in the album type of thing.  And usually I would have about 4-5 weeks worth of pictures, about 6 journal cards total and be trying to figure out which pictures went to each week and something...anything...to say about our life.  I like it better this way - the week is fresh in my mind and I can write something that matters, not just something to fill the space.

I'm actually quite happy with the two new journaling things I did tonight.  I had a ton of photos that I wanted to include this week - we had a really busy weekend and once I got all the pictures in, I realized that I had ONE 3x4 spot open for journaling and I already had a specific story from Monday that I wanted to include there.  That meant nowhere to put even a highlight card of what was going on (a trip to build-a-bear, riding the carousel, my little girl's birthday party, my older girl's pretend "modeling" session).

After looking through some ideas I had bookmarked, I decided on a 6x12 journaler.  I didn't buy her template since I have some experience with Photoshop, instead I just made something of my own.  I already had a picture that I wanted to use printed, so I use an 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock to print my journaling, then I attached the picture to the top.

Then I wanted a 6x4 journaling card to fill in the spot that I empty by using the picture on the 6x12 page.  I wanted one that matched my Cobalt kit and it drives me insane that there aren't any 6x4 journaling cards - the bifold ones are just a little too small.  Which brings me to why I am so happy that Jessica Sprague has digital project life elements - particularly the grid journal card.  I downloaded the (FREE!) 3x4 card, opened it in photoshop and made a pattern of a 2x2 grid section of it.  Then I opened a new canvas that was 6x4 and filled it with the grid pattern.  A little text and a couple of lines in colors that match Cobalt and I have a new journal card to matches my kit AND fits in the pocket correctly.

Since I don't have any 6x12 page protectors yet, I haven't put my long journaler in, nor have I figured out which pictures will go on the back of it.  But here is what the layout looks like without the insert.

Thanks everyone for coming and looking!

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