Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 1st & Week 1

January 1st
As I said in my set-up post, January 1st got it's own spread so that my weeks would run Monday thru Sunday. The first page is full of pictures of the kids playing in the morning. The journaling is about my daughter's Christmas present that she got from her aunt on Sunday. My sister-in-law accidentally mailed it to her brother with all the presents for his kids. We figured it out on Christmas Eve, but it was too late to do anything about it. My sister-in-law was so irritated about making that mistake, but it happens and when Claire did get the present she was THRILLED. The second page shows our belated New Year's Eve Celebration. The journaling on page two is all about why we had a belated celebration and what we did to celebrate (drink sparkling grape juice, throw poppers in the garage and we each got a blower/noise maker to play with).

Week 1: January 2 - 8
I had a ton of pictures for this week. I think I have taken more pictures in the first week of January this year than I took in the entire month of January last year. I got a digital SLR for Christmas and I just don't put it down.

This week was supposed to be a pretty boring week. The kids were going back to school, we had one doctor appointment for Claire to check on her ears, but other than that - NOTHING was planned.

We went to see the Dr about Claire's ears and ended up in out-patient surgery early the next morning to get tubes put in!! She ended up staying home from her first day back at preschool to give her a little longer to recover.

This is one of the larger scored journaling cards. I ended up writing on two parts of it and plan to order a pre-surgery picture that is on my phone to put inside with her name bracelet.

Since I had SOOO many pictures, I decided to do an insert with a few extras. One side shows two of our cats, the other side has some pictures from Claire playing with her dolls at my mom's house.

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