Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Life 2012 - planning & title page...

I'm doing Project Life for my third time. My 2011 book is almost complete. I only need to print out & place my December pictures. So excited to have it finished! I still have blanks in my first one (2010) and I think at this point I'll probably just leave it unfinished.

So...on to 2012...

My plan for this year is to continue creating weekly layouts. During 2011, I gradually progressed from picture-a-day to weekly and I definitely prefer the flexibility of weekly. My weeks go from Monday to Sunday - having the weekend all together creates a better flow for me.

Since January 1st was a Sunday (the end of my "week"), it gets a spread all to itself - also worked out this year since we had a sick kiddo on New Years Eve, we did all our celebrating on New Years Day Evening (fake bubbly, poppers, blowers, ect).

As far as this blog and Project Life go, I am hoping to update every Tuesday with the previous week's layout. Next Tuesday, I should have two layouts one for January 1st and one for week 1 (Jan 2 - 8). 2012 title page!

It's is amazing! It's exactly how Becky Higgins suggested according to the back of the cards!

I may eventually pull some of the cards out to replace with family pictures. I think on my January 1st layout, I'll probably include stats on all of us (current age, grade, job, something, etc). I had everyone fill out a 2012 Now & Goals sheet on New Years Day so I may include those.

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