Saturday, May 25, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 19

Week 19: May 6 - 12

Love love love this project. I am so happy to be keeping up with my memory keeping without having to pick and choose only a few stories to tell. I get to tell all our stories, easily, without spending FOREVER making pages.

I took a couple more 6 month pictures of my adorable nephew on Monday, love the one of him looking up at the camera. Our neighborhood Ice Cream truck driver knows that we're a sucker for overpriced ice cream cone and came by at least once a day during the weekend.

On Tuesday, Claire school had a field trip to a local farm/park. Claire LOVES this place. We go multiple times during the summer, this year she is obsessed with the idea of going fishing there. I'm not looking forward to that experience since I would be the one putting bait on the hook - yuck!

The back of the insert includes some pictures from the part of the weekend while we had Anaya. Since it was Mother's Day weekend, she went back to her mom's late Saturday night to spend Mother's Day with her mom (as she should).

The next page is just some pictures from Mother's Day here. We spent the day with my mom. My brother smoked a brisket and Justin & my dad brought sides so that none of the moms had to cook.

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