Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 18

Week 18: April 29 - May 5

Just a story, not related to the week of PL that I'm posting pictures about: This past Saturday, Project Life kits arrived at my local Hobby Lobby as soon as I knew they were there, I dragged the kids to there in hopes of getting a signed one. As were standing there and I am debating which kit to get (there weren't any signed ones), Anaya asks me, "So, why are you into Project Life all the sudden?" At which point I had to explain that it wasn't "all the sudden" it was just that this is the first time we've been able to buy it in a store!

This is how I plan out a project life spread. I pull out a drawing tablet (6x8") and I write a list of events that happened during the week that I KNOW I want to include. Then I sit down at my computer somewhere between Sunday night and the following Sunday night and select which pictures I want to include. Then I draw out the spread in my little 6x8 inch drawing tablet. I draw out any inserts that I'll use, mark where each picture goes and sometimes find another related picture to fill in a hole. I verify that I got all of the events - sometimes if I only have pictures from something on my phone, I'll forget. Then I drag all of my pictures into photoshop. All at once and then I wait for it to actually open them all in photoshop. Since I know at this point what sizes I need to crop each picture, it is easy to go through do any color correcting/lightening/darkening and cropping that needs to be done. I also add any text that I want on the pictures at this point. Then I upload and order them (I use my local grocery store) and then I forget about it all until I get the email saying to pick them up. Since I have my sketch, it is easy to sit down with the pictures, my kit and my drawing tablet and stick the pictures in the slots.

This week was crazy weather week. In the 80s on Tuesday, snowing and in the 30s on Thursday (IN MAY!). When I got home from work, Claire was insistent that we needed to go outside in the snow. We went out and I attempted to cover my garden with a sheet, then Claire said too cold, go inside.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for the son of a friend. He had it at Pump It Up an inflatables play place. Claire cried for 20-30 minutes of the 2 hr party. Then we took Hudson's 6 month pictures on Sunday. He's such a big boy! And then one of our cats, Reeses, snuggled herself into a wicker basket that we use for dirty towels and I took pictures...then Claire had to get in the pictures too.

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  1. I need to draw out my plans and be more selective when ordering my photos. Although most of the time I don't have enough photos and have to order more.