Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project Life : Week 29 and 30

Since I'm so far behind (sharing week 29 and it's currently week 43), I decided to share TWO weeks!

So, Week 29 should actually be July 15-21, but because of when we returned from our vacation on week 28, I just decided to have week 29 include the Saturday & Sunday of the week 28. It's all good anyways. As long as the pictures are in the album, that is all the is really important. Plus after all the picture taking while on vacation, I think I set my camera down and more or less forgot about it most of the week.

pl week29

We had our 12-week OB appointment, since the baby was still there and had a good heartbeat, we went ahead and announced on Facebook. And I started telling co-workers. The picture of Anaya & Claire in the grass was an outtake of my attempt to get a good picture of Claire wearing a big sister shirt. She wasn't really into cooperating with me. I took a picture of all the duct tape bows that Anaya made this summer. I took Claire to monkey bizness to wear her out. And we bought Hot Huez hair chalk for Anaya and ended up giving Claire some pink streaks...because it was really cute! And I made two homemade pizzas using my most favorite crust ever that tastes like Pizza Hut Pan crust. So so so yummy. And the tomato basil pizza used tomatoes from our garden!

In Week 30, I got back to my normal date range of Monday to Sunday.

pl Week 30

We hung around our house. Justin's brother and his baby came to visit us for a little while Friday evening. Then Saturday, we went to a friend's four yr old's birthday party - it was pirate themed and they had a pool set up in the backyard. I always think that their little boy is so much younger than Claire, but really they are only about 6 months apart in age. They should both be starting Kindergarten next year! At some point I took the girls to the mall and we rode the carousel, because we ALWAYS ride the carousel.

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