Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project Life 2013 Update

I am mostly caught up on Project Life, I just haven't been taking pictures of my layouts. I also haven't been ordering my pictures as regularly. I really LOVE Persnickety Prints and have ordered from them the last two times, but that means I usually save up my pictures until it is "worth it" to pay shipping.

I still have 2-3 weeks from my last order to put into my album. And I have about 2 weeks worth to prep and order. And maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to take some pictures of my layouts and start sharing them here again.

I'm also really excited to the upcoming holiday season. I'm already planning some things to do as a family - even if I have to drag family members along kicking and screaming. Although by the time I'm 8 months pregnant (in December), they should really just do what I want so that I don't hurt myself. :)

I've also been really motivated to get back into working on my Project Life 2009 album. I left off on it in May for pictures and February for posting. But I plan to start working on finishing up layouts so that I can get those pages posted as well. When I was pregnant with Claire, a lot of my "nesting" took the form of baking. Since I'm watching my carbs this time around, I'm trying to force my baking desires into other projects (cleaning, organizing, scrapbooking).

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