Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Newest Favorite-est App

Last week...or the week before...I needed Justin to go to the grocery store to pick up just a few things (seriously, less than 5). So I texted him a list. Then I got to thinking, there has be a list app that will share a list between multiple phones. So I started looking and I found Our Groceries. And I seriously love it. Possibly enough that I might pay for the "no ads" version, although I haven't yet.

Not only can I look at my grocery list on my phone. Or put things into the list on my phone and tell Justin to look at it on his phone. I can also add things online which means not having to tap-tap-tap on my cell phone. I can sit at my computer, write up my menu plan while pulling up recipes and then just have another tab open with my grocery list and add things as needed. And checking things off at the grocery store is just a simple tap on my phone. Another awesome feature, things that are checked off are moved to the bottom of the list with a line through it, so you still have your list but it's not cluttered up the checked off items. You can easily scroll down and double check through the checked off items before you go to check out to make sure your pregnancy brain didn't make you click something without actually putting it in the cart!

If I wanted to, I could also create a list of things that Anaya needs and install the app on her phone and share my list with her. Then she could add things instead of trying to remember everything until she is here. AND it doesn't have to just be groceries. You can add anything you want to the list. The lists could be To Do lists, or fun projects lists, or whatever!

There is a recipe section where you can store the ingredients for recipes that you make regularly to easily add all of the ingredients for the recipe to your list. I haven't used that part yet but it sounds awesome.

* In summary, I love this app. The OurGroceries people have no clue who I am, except that I apparently use their app. I just randomly found it in the Google Play Store (because I have an Android phone, but it also available for i-devices).

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