Sunday, October 20, 2013

Project Life : Week 27/28

I love this picture from when we were in Colorado. Love Love Love. I have been wanting to make a page with a huge blown up picture ever since the first time I saw Elise do it. But I never seem to have the right pictures to do it. Since I already knew I wasn't going to include very many pictures in this layout, I found a favorite that just says "Colorado" to me and I blew it up to 12x12!


I added the Colorado text and the dates in photoshop prior to ordering. The right side just includes a few high-light pictures. I also included the two pictures that we had taken on outings (the Royal Gorge Railroad and the Denver Aquarium). Copyright laws being what they are, I wouldn't be able to include those in my Colorado Blurb book. Rather than take the chance of it causing an issue, I just included them here.

Project Life posts will probably be happening on Sunday from now on. It is just easier to get good pictures of my layouts on the weekend than it is during the week. Particularly as the sun starts setting earlier and sometimes I'm barely home from work before it is getting dark!

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