Thursday, January 9, 2014

Projects 2014

Hey look, it's already the 9th day of the New Year and yeah, life has already gotten away from me. Why? 1) I started watching a new TV show. Well, new to me. USA's Suits. It's on Amazon Instant and I just signed up for a Prime Trial right before Christmas so I have to watch it all now before my trial is over. 2) I'm so overwhelmed with everything that has to be done before the boy's arrival + normal life stuff that I just kind of shut down for a few days. Seriously, I got a Silhouette for Christmas and it is still in it's box from Amazon.

Portrait Project

I've seen this basic idea online for quite a while: take a weeky/monthly/whatever portrait of your child (or yourself/spouse/etc).

I'm not even attempting for weekly...that would just be setting myself up for failure. I would like to try for monthly. I'm planning that anyways for the new baby, the trick would just be getting one of Claire and one of Anaya. I would also like to get at least quarterly portraits of Justin & I. I'm also not sure how...professional-ish...I want the portraits to be. For example, I got some pretty good shots of Claire playing in the snow last week, those could count as her "portrait", but they weren't planned. This is definitely still an idea in progress.

Operation: Clean House

Our house needs some help. Mostly because Justin & I seemed to have missed the memo about how to take care of it and clean it. And we can't agree on who's responsibility anything is, so everything just piles up until it either annoys someone (usually me) or someone that cares is coming over (like my parents) and then we do a fast pick up and do whatever amount of cleaning can be accomplished before they arrive. (Yes, my mom reads this, and I'm pretty sure she already knows that about us). But there are some parts of our house, like the master bedroom & bath that no one but us EVER see and so with everything else going on they just get pushed farther and farther down the list of places to clean. We've lived here EIGHT years, you'd think we would've figured this out by now. But we haven't.

Project Life 2014

Another year, another project life album (or two). I've already bought one album, I went with a yellow stripe one. I probably should've bought two because they were 40% off, but I didn't and it will really annoy me if I end up with a different album for the second part of the year. I'm still working on making my title page, mostly my album is still empty except for a few blank page protectors.

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