Friday, January 24, 2014

Day in the Life - January 20th

Last year, Ali Edwards did a thing called Day In The Life, where on the last day of each month she took more pictures than normal to show what a normal day in their life was like. Since it was always on the last day of the month, sometimes it was a weekend, sometimes a weekday, sometimes a special event, sometimes just a normal day. I did not participate.

This year, I saw that Megan at the Nerd Nest was planning to do Day In The Life on the 15th. I had liked seeing how other people were doing and thought using the same day as a blog that I follow would help me remember to actually do it each month. But then I went into labor late on the 14th and Ryder was born on the 15th and I didn't really want to do Day In The Life while I was at the hospital. Instead, I did on Monday, January 20th.

We got up...made coffee...started getting ready for the day. It was Martin Luther King Jr Day so Claire didn't have school. And I'm on maternity leave, so there wasn't really much getting ready so much as just getting moving.

Claire played the iPad for a little while and I waited for Ryder to wake up. This baby LOVES being swaddled. My swaddling skills aren't all that great.

Claire wanted to play some "game" involving wrapping and unwrapping her lalaloopsy dolls and pretending they are birthday presents. We wrap them in some of her blankets. Ryder eventually woke up after peeing out his diaper. Then it was time for me to fed him - which I did not actually take a picture of because no one really needs to see that, yes it is a part of our life right now (a big part) but I don't really want to take a picture of the process.

Ryder went back to sleep and I did some laundry. The first three or four days he was home pretty much all he did was sleep. It was just a matter of where he would be sleeping since I tried to put him down for naps in a variety of places so he doesn't get picky about ONLY sleeping in his _______.

We went to Ryder's 1-week check up. He's doing good and is almost back up to his birth weight. He's actually only 5 days old. More napping in the newborn napper that came with our pack-in-play. I love that thing so much. Also, he can sleep through just about anything, including Claire stomping her feet and throwing a fit because she isn't allowed to do something.

Claire had gone to the zoo with my mom for most of the day and she brought her back around 3:45. Ryder was napping but I was holding him, so we played with her LaLaLoopsys in her room.

Claire played the iPad some more before bedtime - with Bear-Bear on her head for some reason. And I carried Ryder around because he is just so small and cute and sweet.

I will most likely continue to do my Day In The Life on the 20th of each month. I'm sure the months when the 20th is on a weekday my days will look different since I spend so much of the day at work, but hopefully this will still be an interesting look at our lives throughout the year. And who knows, maybe I can get Justin on board and having him at least take cell phone pictures of things going on around the house while I'm gone.

Also, Justin was around on January 20th...I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures of him besides the pure and simple fact that he doesn't like it when I do. Maybe next month I'll try to make sure he is featured...even if he doesn't want to be.

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