Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project Life 2013 : Weeks 6 and 7

Week 6: February 4-10

wk6 (1)

What happened this week?
Claire finished her swim lessons. On Saturday, I took Claire to an neat little kids "museum" Wonderscope. She had a lot of fun pretend playing in the farm to market room and with the wind tubes & scarves. My sister-in-law had her baby shower on Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday after lunch with my parents, I took Claire to the mall to ride the carousel.

wk6 (2)

Anything special about the layout:
3 phone pics, 9 good camera pics. I included an insert with a note from Claire's school on one side and her certificate for completing swim lessons on the other side. The LaLaLoopsy card is actually Claire's Valentine for school. I wanted to include it in Week 7, but I really wanted to see both sides, so I just let it show through to this week. Almost all of the pictures are from the weekend. I think only the swim pictures are from during the week..

Week 7: February 11-17


What happened this week?
Claire's Valentine's party at school - I didn't actually go to the party, so all I'm including for Valentine's day is an extra card that she "wrote" on and a picture of a temporary tattoo that I put on my wrist. We had a teeny tiny amount of snow on Friday night (not even an inch) but Claire was insistent on Saturday morning that we needed to have a snowball fight. So she found enough snow to scrape together a "ball" and threw it at me. It was Anaya's weekend with us so I included a couple pictures of her, but it's hard to include her since she's 13 and therefore doesn't want to hangout with family as much. We also hung out with some friends of mine from college (eating dinner + drinking wine + playing board games), they have a daughter about Claire's age and I have a picture of them to include in that white space, I just forgot to order it.

Anything special about the layout:
4 phone pics, 7 good camera pics. Nothing terribly different this week. Almost all of these pictures pictures are also from the weekend. I just haven't been doing anything during the week, so I tend to not pick up my camera as much.

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