Thursday, December 29, 2016

Things making me happy this week | 1

Ye old blog is being resurrected. New Feature: Weekly Happy Lists. Because I need to think happy.


Ryder singing Jingle Bells in his bed (almost) every the morning. 

Our Christmas Carol sing-a-long in my mom's car on our way home from visiting family in Missouri.

Taking Claire & Ryder to the aquarium on Tuesday.

Having a fairly laid back Christmas compared to recent Christmases.  I think it was so relaxed because I was the only person to get a fun new tech toy (an apple watch), so I wasn't having to activate a new phone or setup a new iPad or figure out why someone's electronic whatever wasn't working.

Taking an entire week + a day off from work!  Granted that was BEFORE Christmas and now I'm back at work.  And the first couple of days that of it were rough, but it ended up being enjoyable.

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