Monday, August 18, 2014

7 Months + 3 Days update

On Saturday night, I moved Ryder's pack-n-play into our bathroom's sink room and he slept the ENTIRE night. On Sunday night, he slept most of the night, he only woke up once around 2am to nurse and then went right back to sleep in the pack-n-play! Yay!

On Sunday at lunch at my mom's house, we were sitting there with Ryder and he was getting a little fussy so I gave him my knuckle to chew on and I felt something poke it! He's got his first tooth coming in! I couldn't feel it with my finger at first, only my knuckle (my finger must not be as sensitive). Eventually Sunday evening, I managed to get his mouth open and could actually SEE it! It's his right middle tooth on the bottom!

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