Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ryder at 5 Months

This month's pictures are probably my favorite so far. He is developing such a personality.

We're still bed sharing. I've decided it is fine and we'll just keep doing it until whenever he is ready to sleep on his own. I do NOT want to fight with him to sleep like we had to with Claire.

He is rolling over a lot, both directions. At the beginning of June we moved him into his new convertible carseat since he was outgrowing the infant seat. He has pretty much stopped scratching up his face, yay! I had to pull out the 6-9 month / 9 month clothing already! Still in size 3 diapers. We tried Gerber Oatmeal Cereal for the first time last night, mixed it with some breast milk. He is still breast feeding and he is going great so far! He likes going to walks in the stroller. He loves his exersaucer, since it doesn't have many toys attached to it we're constantly having to pick the toys up after he knocks them off. He's going a really good job of starting to sit up, he can't get in that position by himself and once we put him that way we have to help keep him upright. I put him in the Johnny Jumper for the first time this month, he really seems to like it.

He got to meet his Nana & Papa (Justin's parents) for the first time this month.

He is fascinated by Claire and loves watching her. He also watches more TV than I would like because of her. And he is already enthralled with the iPad (not that he gets to play with it, just because Claire will bring it over and sit by me with it while I'm playing with Ryder).


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